Bits of London

I was in London with work this work. Here’s some bits and bobs of what I managed to see while I was there.

This is a new sculpture at Aldgate, commemorating Geoffrey Chaucer. There’s some interesting information about it here. Apparently there’s an owl somewhere in the rafters but I only found that out later.

'Paleys Upon Pilers' Sculpture at Aldgate

‘Paleys Upon Pilers’ Sculpture at Aldgate

On Tuesday I visited the John Sloane Museum for their once-a-month candlelit evening opening. It’s an eclectic collection of Roman/Egyptian artefacts and Victorian narrative paintings set in a mini-architectural maze. Quite wonderful and well worth the visit. Unfortunately they don’t let you take a camera inside, but you can browse some pictures here if you like.

John Sloane Museum

John Sloane Museum

And here’s some of the more ‘famous’ sights from near Tower Gateway where I was staying.


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