Scarecrows at Bowhill

Today we visited Bowhill Country Park which is near Selkirk. They have huge, impressive grounds and lots of walking routes.

We went on their Lochs walk which takes you around two decent-sized lochs, and then spent some time in the adventure playground.

Unbeknownst to us they were doing a harvest festival and scarecrow competition. There were scarecrows placed all around the walk.


Kayaking Brother

Just wanted to share this short sequence of images of my brother who has recently got into slalom kayaking and is already traveling the country doing competitions.

I took these photos near Selkirk at a competition in the Scottish Borders. It’s the first time I’ve seen him in action and I was very impressed (and jealous)!

Snail Fanatics

Recently the kids have become snail fanatics.

No, really.

Our garden seems to have been invaded by snails, and almost every time we go outside Ellie and Ben want to collect some, give them some grass to eat, and even build them little houses. It’s actually quite good fun. To be honest I think I’m becoming a snail fanatic too.