It’s Nice to be Out

Finally a weekend of dry weather.

It’s nice to be out.


East Links Family Park

We had a fabulous day out at East Links Family Park yesterday. It’s full of activities for kids and farm animals to see. We were lucky with the weather – it was probably the warmest day we’ve had in Scotland this year.

We had lots of fun with vehicles – tractors, diggers and buggies.

And just as much fun on the playgrounds.

We climbed hay bales.

And of course, relaxed with the obligatory ice creams.

Dinosaurs at the Zoo!

Yep, that’s right. Edinburgh Zoo has followed in the footsteps of Jurassic Park and brought dinosaurs back to life.

It’s called the Dinosaur’s Return exhibition. I’d highly recommend it. It’s on until the 1st November and included in the price of zoo entry.

Ellie and Stegosaurus

Ellie and Stegosaurus

Ben and Edmontonia

Ben and Edmontonia

The dinosaurs even move (a bit) and make sounds (a bit).

And of course you can enjoy the rest of the zoo too.