Great-grandad and Toby

Last week, we had family come to visit – my mum, Clive and Tom, and Ellie and Ben’s great-grandad. It’s the first time he’s met Ellie, Ben and Jana.

2015-08-15 16.12.47

The star attraction, however, was my grandad’s dog, Toby.

2015-08-15 16.13.43

2015-08-15 16.10.16

I took a day off work and we went to the seaside town of North Berwick.

My mum showed Ellie and Ben the rockpools.

2015-08-16 11.51.21

They had a whale of a time.

Meanwhile, Clive, Tom and I practised our beach frisbee skills. We got pretty good!

2015-08-16 11.42.23

Thanks for visiting us, Toby!

2015-08-16 14.50.16


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