A Lovely Day for a Picnic

When we woke up this morning the sky looked like this.

2015-09-27 08.44.02

So we decided to pack a picnic and go for a bike ride.

2015-09-27 09.26.03

Ellie said “the perfect spot for a picnic will be a river, with birds chirping and a beautiful view”. That’s the bar set pretty high then!

We set off through the town…

2015-09-27 09.46.28

… but in no time at all we were gliding through the open country.

2015-09-27 10.04.42

This was the view just 2 miles into the ride from our house (you have permission to be jealous).

2015-09-27 09.53.19

2015-09-27 09.56.30

After a good five miles cycling, we found a picnic spot. Does this meet your exacting standards, Ellie?

2015-09-27 10.47.26

We set off again, and arrived at the Old Manor Bridge, the foot of a tricky 200ft climb.

2015-09-27 11.16.53

Luckily , we were rewarded at the top of the hill with this panoramic view.


2015-09-27 11.34.26

Going down the other side of the hill was much easier. There’s Peebles at the bottom.

2015-09-27 12.06.21

As a reward for our efforts, we all had……. ice cream of course!

2015-09-27 15.16.40

Here’s our stats.



Return of the Dinosaurs

Yesterday we made a final visit to Dinosaurs Return at Edinburgh Zoo. It ends on 1 November so if you haven’t been yet, get there quick.

Ellie got up close and personal with a stegosaurus. Its name translates as ‘roof tiles’.

2015-09-19 11.16.01

Ben was a little less sure. This was as close as he was prepared to get to an Edmontonia.

2015-09-19 11.17.52

Jana and Ellie thought the Citipati was adorable. It’s one of the dinosaurs most closely related to modern-day birds.

2015-09-19 11.21.15

Next up was a Quetzalcoatlus, actually a type of pterosaur not a dinosaur.

2015-09-19 11.22.26

By now, we were inspired to dig for dinosaur bones ourselves.

2015-09-19 11.23.48

2015-09-19 11.24.31

Venturing out into the Jurassic Period again, we were greeted by that most fearsome of dinosaurs, the T-Rex!

2015-09-19 11.30.39

Last up was the Triceratops family. This dinosaur had one of the largest skulls ever found on a land animal.

2015-09-19 11.32.21

We had a great time.

Get yourself to Dinosaurs Return at Edinburgh Zoo before they go extinct!

External Wall Insulation

Over the Summer, we got external wall insulation put on our house, courtesy of some government funding in the area. External wall insulation is used on houses that are unsuitable for cavity wall insulation.

Here’s how it works.

First, up goes the scaffolding. Drainpipes and suchlike are removed.

2015-04-28 18.28.48

Next, the insulation is put on. It’s basically big polystyrene-type blocks, screwed onto your walls.

2015-04-30 18.57.42

2015-05-01 18.38.59

The next step is to have it plastered.

2015-05-02 20.22.09

And finally, it’s pebble-dashed to give it a nice finish. And back go your drainpipes and fittings.

2015-06-26 12.11.34

As a finishing touch, we painted our front door too.

2015-09-05 16.57.55

Peebles Highland Games 2015

Lovely weather today. We moseyed over to Peebles Highland Games for the afternoon.

They had pipe bands …

2015-09-05 14.17.59

… Highland dancing …

2015-09-05 14.25.38

… and the Games themselves.

2015-09-05 14.29.07

Ellie and Ben had brought some of their own money from their piggy banks. Ben got a bus with his money, and Ellie got a princess crown and bag.

Ellie tried out some of the fairground attractions.

2015-09-05 15.07.42

My highlight was the meatballs on flatbread courtesy of Flat Out Food. Beats boring old burgers and hot dogs any day.

2015-09-05 15.42.57

A lovely afternoon out. Hey, I even made you a video montage as a special treat!