Return of the Dinosaurs

Yesterday we made a final visit to Dinosaurs Return at Edinburgh Zoo. It ends on 1 November so if you haven’t been yet, get there quick.

Ellie got up close and personal with a stegosaurus. Its name translates as ‘roof tiles’.

2015-09-19 11.16.01

Ben was a little less sure. This was as close as he was prepared to get to an Edmontonia.

2015-09-19 11.17.52

Jana and Ellie thought the Citipati was adorable. It’s one of the dinosaurs most closely related to modern-day birds.

2015-09-19 11.21.15

Next up was a Quetzalcoatlus, actually a type of pterosaur not a dinosaur.

2015-09-19 11.22.26

By now, we were inspired to dig for dinosaur bones ourselves.

2015-09-19 11.23.48

2015-09-19 11.24.31

Venturing out into the Jurassic Period again, we were greeted by that most fearsome of dinosaurs, the T-Rex!

2015-09-19 11.30.39

Last up was the Triceratops family. This dinosaur had one of the largest skulls ever found on a land animal.

2015-09-19 11.32.21

We had a great time.

Get yourself to Dinosaurs Return at Edinburgh Zoo before they go extinct!


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