Driving South

During half term, I ventured with the kids down to Cheshire to stay with their grandparents. Jana stayed home so I was in sole charge of these two!

It’s a long drive, so we had a pit stop at RSPB Leighton Moss, where we ran up and down the board-walks…

…climbed their new ‘Skytower’ and admired the view…

…and found a tree to climb (of course!).

Finally, we made it to Grandpa and Noreen’s house!

The next day we headed to the delightful Tatton Park, where we kept Grandpa entertained at the playground…

…stopped for a photo op…

…then finished the day at Home Farm.

Another day, we went looking for deer at Dunham Massey. We only caught glimpses of the deer but we saw plenty of ducks and geese on the pond…

…and had lots of fun at the ‘natural playground’. (Yes, grandpa is a big kid!)

We had a lovely time. Before we headed back to Scotland, we had time to visit granny and aunty Charlie.

Oh, and Ellie wanted me to show you the tower she built.

That’s my last bit of time off work for two months. Roll on Christmas…!


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