Hobbit Hole

In May, we went for a long weekend to stay in a Hobbit Hole (yep, it’s a real thing).

2016-05-13 15.32.17

We found it while searching for a glamping holiday. The Hobbit Holes are on a campsite called the Quiet Site, above Ullswater in the Lake District. They are essentially a basic room with heating and lighting and a toilet. It was lovely and cosy.

2016-05-13 17.24.56

The Quiet Site was a fantastic place to stay.

On our first day, we boarded an Ullswater Steamer, which took us to the other side of the lake…

2016-05-14 09.36.02

2016-05-14 09.38.11

2016-05-14 09.46.38

2016-05-14 12.46.38

… where we went on a short walk in the beautiful surroundings of Hallin Fell.

2016-05-14 10.33.42

2016-05-14 10.53.43

2016-05-14 11.53.33

Ben tested his rock climbing skills…

2016-05-14 12.21.54

… and both kids were brave enough to dip their feet in the cold lake water.

2016-05-14 12.29.01

2016-05-14 12.29.06

We ended the day with a good appetite. Good job we had cooking facilities back at the Hobbit Hole!

2016-05-13 16.53.47

Over the next two days, we got lucky with ever better weather, and spent our time taking walks in beautiful countryside and pottering by streams and the lake-side.

2016-05-15 10.23.03

2016-05-15 11.20.01

2016-05-16 09.27.18

2016-05-16 09.33.44

2016-05-16 09.43.08

2016-05-16 09.50.49

2016-05-16 09.57.17

2016-05-16 10.45.52

We ended the holiday planning our next one!