Easter in Cumbria

We had a lovely Easter break. We stayed for a week in a cottage in Cumbria, overlooking Coulderton Beach and the Irish Sea.

2017_04_01 17.39 Cottage at Coulderton Beach

We spent much of our time on the beach.

2017_04_02 15.49 Craig and Ben on Coulderton Beach2017_04_02 19.17 Ellie and Ben at Sunset at Coulderton Beach2017_04_05 09.17 Ellie and Ben at Coulderton Beach2017_04_06 17.33 Ellie and Ben on Coulderton Beach

One day, we flew our homemade kites.

2017_04_01 19.22 Craig Ellie Ben Kiteflying on Coulderton Beach2017_04_01 19.29 Ellie and Ben Kiteflying on Coulderton Beach2017_04_01 19.30 Ben Kiteflying on Coulderton Beach

2017_04_01 19.33 Craig Ellie Ben Kiteflying on Coulderton Beach

We took the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway into Eskdale and visited Stanley Force waterfall.

2017_04_02 09.24 Ellie and Ben on Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway2017_04_02 10.27 Craig and Ellie on Stepping Stones in Eskdale2017_04_02 10.56 Craig Ellie Ben on Steps near Stanley Force2017_04_02 11.02 Jana Ellie Ben at Stanley Force

We spent a (very windy) day exploring St Bee’s Head and Fleswick Bay.

2017_04_03 10.36 Jana Ellie Ben at St Bees Head2017_04_03 11.06 Ellie and Ben Climbing Rocks at Fleswick Bay

2017_04_03 11.13 Craig Ellie Ben at Fleswick Bay2017_04_03 12.00 Ellie Craig Ben by St Bees Lighthouse

Here are some other photos from our trip.

2017_04_01 13.58 Whitehaven Harbour from Beacon Museum2017_04_04 14.42 Ellie with Cannon at Muncaster2017_04_04 15.25 View from Muncaster Castle2017_04_05 12.49 Jana Ellie Ben at Ennerdale Water2017_04_07 12.24 Ellie at Beatrix Potter World

After our trip in Cumbria we spent some time with the grandparents in Cheshire.

2017_04_08 17.37 Ben Playing Catch with Grandpa2017_04_11 10.50 Ellie Ben Gran at Goostrey Home & Leisure

Finally, we stopped over in Blackpool on our way home…

2017_04_13 15.44 View of Blackpool2017_04_13 16.18 Blackpool Amusements

…but our abiding memory is the time spent on that wonderful beach by our cottage.

2017_04_04 09.19 Coulderton Beach Sunrise


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