Czech Holiday 2017

We’ve just been on our summer trip to stay with family in Ostrava in the Czech Republic.

This time we hired a car so we could do more day trips.

We went to the Punkva Caves. There’s a guided tour including a section on a boat on an underground river.

Later the same day, we went to Castle Bouzov, which has featured in Czech films.

We also visited another castle – Hukvaldy. This one’s in ruins but still impressive and with plenty to see including great views over the mountains.

We tried to visit the Landek mining museum in Ostrava but were put off by the two-hour long tour, so entertained ourselves on the disused machines outside instead.

Our final day trip was to the Wallachian Open Air Museum, a very interesting collection of traditional wooden houses and mills.

After dropping the car off we had a couple of nights in Prague. We stayed at the rather bizarre ‘Artharmony’ hotel.

We made the most of our short stay in Prague by doing some traditional sightseeing.

We went up the Petřin Tower where I got awful vertigo!

And we played in the parks.

All in all it was an excellent holiday.


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