Czech Holiday 2017

We’ve just been on our summer trip to stay with family in Ostrava in the Czech Republic.

This time we hired a car so we could do more day trips.

We went to the Punkva Caves. There’s a guided tour including a section on a boat on an underground river.

Later the same day, we went to Castle Bouzov, which has featured in Czech films.

We also visited another castle – Hukvaldy. This one’s in ruins but still impressive and with plenty to see including great views over the mountains.

We tried to visit the Landek mining museum in Ostrava but were put off by the two-hour long tour, so entertained ourselves on the disused machines outside instead.

Our final day trip was to the Wallachian Open Air Museum, a very interesting collection of traditional wooden houses and mills.

After dropping the car off we had a couple of nights in Prague. We stayed at the rather bizarre ‘Artharmony’ hotel.

We made the most of our short stay in Prague by doing some traditional sightseeing.

We went up the Petřin Tower where I got awful vertigo!

And we played in the parks.

All in all it was an excellent holiday.


Easter in Cumbria

We had a lovely Easter break. We stayed for a week in a cottage in Cumbria, overlooking Coulderton Beach and the Irish Sea.

2017_04_01 17.39 Cottage at Coulderton Beach

We spent much of our time on the beach.

2017_04_02 15.49 Craig and Ben on Coulderton Beach2017_04_02 19.17 Ellie and Ben at Sunset at Coulderton Beach2017_04_05 09.17 Ellie and Ben at Coulderton Beach2017_04_06 17.33 Ellie and Ben on Coulderton Beach

One day, we flew our homemade kites.

2017_04_01 19.22 Craig Ellie Ben Kiteflying on Coulderton Beach2017_04_01 19.29 Ellie and Ben Kiteflying on Coulderton Beach2017_04_01 19.30 Ben Kiteflying on Coulderton Beach

2017_04_01 19.33 Craig Ellie Ben Kiteflying on Coulderton Beach

We took the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway into Eskdale and visited Stanley Force waterfall.

2017_04_02 09.24 Ellie and Ben on Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway2017_04_02 10.27 Craig and Ellie on Stepping Stones in Eskdale2017_04_02 10.56 Craig Ellie Ben on Steps near Stanley Force2017_04_02 11.02 Jana Ellie Ben at Stanley Force

We spent a (very windy) day exploring St Bee’s Head and Fleswick Bay.

2017_04_03 10.36 Jana Ellie Ben at St Bees Head2017_04_03 11.06 Ellie and Ben Climbing Rocks at Fleswick Bay

2017_04_03 11.13 Craig Ellie Ben at Fleswick Bay2017_04_03 12.00 Ellie Craig Ben by St Bees Lighthouse

Here are some other photos from our trip.

2017_04_01 13.58 Whitehaven Harbour from Beacon Museum2017_04_04 14.42 Ellie with Cannon at Muncaster2017_04_04 15.25 View from Muncaster Castle2017_04_05 12.49 Jana Ellie Ben at Ennerdale Water2017_04_07 12.24 Ellie at Beatrix Potter World

After our trip in Cumbria we spent some time with the grandparents in Cheshire.

2017_04_08 17.37 Ben Playing Catch with Grandpa2017_04_11 10.50 Ellie Ben Gran at Goostrey Home & Leisure

Finally, we stopped over in Blackpool on our way home…

2017_04_13 15.44 View of Blackpool2017_04_13 16.18 Blackpool Amusements

…but our abiding memory is the time spent on that wonderful beach by our cottage.

2017_04_04 09.19 Coulderton Beach Sunrise

Czech Holiday 2016

In July we we went on our summer holiday to stay with our family in the Czech Republic, near Ostrava.

We spent our time enjoying the warm weather and spending time with family.

While we were there, we went on a few day trips. We visited Ostrava’s castle, which has an eclectic range of exhibits.

Nearby, we also stopped at the rather unique “Fairytale Ghost Cellars”.


We also visited Ostrava Zoo. Believe it or not, the guinea-pigs were easily the most popular attraction there!

And here are some of the other things we got up to.

Hobbit Hole

In May, we went for a long weekend to stay in a Hobbit Hole (yep, it’s a real thing).

2016-05-13 15.32.17

We found it while searching for a glamping holiday. The Hobbit Holes are on a campsite called the Quiet Site, above Ullswater in the Lake District. They are essentially a basic room with heating and lighting and a toilet. It was lovely and cosy.

2016-05-13 17.24.56

The Quiet Site was a fantastic place to stay.

On our first day, we boarded an Ullswater Steamer, which took us to the other side of the lake…

2016-05-14 09.36.02

2016-05-14 09.38.11

2016-05-14 09.46.38

2016-05-14 12.46.38

… where we went on a short walk in the beautiful surroundings of Hallin Fell.

2016-05-14 10.33.42

2016-05-14 10.53.43

2016-05-14 11.53.33

Ben tested his rock climbing skills…

2016-05-14 12.21.54

… and both kids were brave enough to dip their feet in the cold lake water.

2016-05-14 12.29.01

2016-05-14 12.29.06

We ended the day with a good appetite. Good job we had cooking facilities back at the Hobbit Hole!

2016-05-13 16.53.47

Over the next two days, we got lucky with ever better weather, and spent our time taking walks in beautiful countryside and pottering by streams and the lake-side.

2016-05-15 10.23.03

2016-05-15 11.20.01

2016-05-16 09.27.18

2016-05-16 09.33.44

2016-05-16 09.43.08

2016-05-16 09.50.49

2016-05-16 09.57.17

2016-05-16 10.45.52

We ended the holiday planning our next one!