Summer 2014

Here are some of the things we’ve been up to over the summer.

We’ve enjoyed the local parks and gardens.

We’ve explored Almond Valley (a great destination for young kids!).

We had our cousins come and stay with us.


And we (sometimes!) played nicely together 🙂


Ellie’s First Time Cycling By Herself

Two or three weeks ago we took the stabilisers off Ellie’s bicycle. We’ve slowly been teaching her to cycle by herself.

Yesterday, for the first time she succeeded 🙂

She was clearly chuffed to bits and I can’t say I didn’t feel the same way too!

Ellie’s First Pedal Bike

Yesterday I took Ellie to buy her first pedal bike, which was her birthday present from us. Here’s the one we chose!

We haven’t taken it out yet because the rain hasn’t let up for a moment. But here she is testing it out inside.