Playing in Cumbria

Last week we travelled to Cumbria to pick up a bicycle for Ben and we stayed overnight.

We enjoyed the high nets at Brockhole Visitor Centre.

2016-08-13 14.28.072016-08-13 15.07.002016-08-13 15.25.542016-08-13 15.53.282016-08-13 15.07.30

In Penrith, we clambored over the castle ruins.

2016-08-14 09.32.112016-08-14 09.33.182016-08-14 09.35.33

And finally, we visited the wonderful Walby Farm Park near Carlisle (and yes, the slides were great fun!).

2016-08-14 11.42.332016-08-14 11.48.102016-08-14 12.09.11-22016-08-14 14.20.462016-08-14 12.14.12

Back home, it was time to try out the new bike, and Ellie her new roller-skates.

2016-08-14 18.14.41.jpg


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